The Debates

Security and rule of law

President Felipe Calderón’s fight against organized crime has become increasingly unpopular among Mexicans. Citizens see violence levels rising, feel more and more insecure, and have become more vocal and active in their opposition to the violence. The presidential candidates will take this into consideration as they campaign and their rhetoric will likely reflect the growing public  discontent,. The question is, though, what will the next government actually do differently? Visit this page for a brief overview of the issue, followed by a continually updated list of news and analysis on the subject.

Economic growth and equality

Mexicans are almost as concerned about the state of the economy as they are about security. In fact, until the beginning of 2011, it ranked more worrisome than the security situation. Thus, this will be an equally important policy issue to watch in the debates leading up to the 2012 election. In addition to candidate proposals for job creation, for example, analysts will also watch for potential marco-economic policy suggestions, as well as the approach to structural problems such as the many Mexican monopolies and existing relationships such as NAFTA. See more…

Energy and the environment

How the next government will respond to Mexico’s energy challenges, especially with regards to dwindling oil supplies, and whether they will continue Mexico leadership role on climate change and global warming will be closely followed as well. See more…

Social issues

Issues such as same-sex marriage, abortion, separation of church and state, indigenous rights, and women’s issues will also play an important role in the upcoming elections. Check this page for the latest policy proposals, news, and analysis.

Development: Education and Health

Candidates will likely address issues of educational quality and attendance rates, as well as health issues, particularly with regards to Mexicans in marginalized areas. This page provides information about party and candidate positions on these topics.


Issues of immigration, both in-bound (from Central America in particular) and out-bound (largely to the United States, but to many other countries as well), will be  on the table as well. See more…


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