The Mexico City Mayoral Election: 7/1/2012

Residents in the Federal District in Mexico will elect a new mayor on July 1, 2012. The candidates are:

Miguel Ángel Mancera: a former Mexico City attorney general, representing the leftist Party of the Democratic Revolution (PRD). The PRD has governed the city since elections were first held in 1997.

Beatriz Paredes: a former governor of Tlaxcala and party leader, representing the centrist Institutional Revolutionary Party (PRI). Her leadership is considered instrumental to the PRI’s 2009 congressional sweep.

Isabel Miranda de Wallace: an activist and founder of the “Alto al secuestro” (“Stop kidnappings”) organization, representing the conservative National Action Party (PAN). Wallace turned to advocacy after her son was kidnapped in 2005; she was awarded the national human rights prize in 2010.

Rosario Guerra Díaz: a former legislator and committee chairwoman, representing the New Alliance Party (PANAL).


For background:

-See the latest polling information on ADN Político’s “poll of polls
-Visit the websites of Mancera, Paredes, Wallace, and Guerra.
-Follow Guerra, Wallace, Paredes, and Mancera on Twitter.
-6/6/2012: Mancera (PRD) ahead by 52.3percent, according to a new Milenio/GEA-ISA poll.
-6/5/2012: Paredes (PRI) falls to third place, according to a Parametría poll.
-5/28/2012: Mancera (PRD) interviewed on Cadena 3.
-5/2012: Interview with Guerra (PANAL) on Cadena 3.
-4/30/2012: NoticiasMVS host Carmen Aristegi interviews Paredes (PRI).
-4/30/2012: Analyst Leo Zuckerman interviews Wallace (PAN).
-1/19/2012: Profile of Mancera (PRD) in El Universal.
-05/2009: Read or watch Paredes’ (PRI) remarks from a talk at the Mexico Institute.

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