Beatriz Paredes (PRI)

Beatriz Paredes

Paredes is currently running for Mayor of Mexico City.

Active in politics since the age of 21, Paredes, now 56, was most recently the president of the PRI. She has a strong following within the party, in part due to her involvement in indigenous and women’s issues, the later including reproductive rights. Her leadership is considered instrumental to the PRI’s 2009 congressional sweep. She stepped down as the party leader in March 2011, declaring she was considering a run for president. Paredes does not poll nearly as strongly as the other candidates- in fact, she is sometimes excluded from opinion polls- but she holds sway within the party and has been mentioned by PRI president Humberto Moreira as a possible PRI candidate.

-Read or watch Paredes’ remarks from a May 2009 talk at the Mexico Institute.
-See an Excélsior profile on Paredes.
-Read her C.V. on the Chamber of Deputies website.
-View an analysis of her chances and background on the “Mexico 2012: Tracking Democracy in a Time of Uncertainty” blog.
-Visit her website.
-Follow her on Twitter.

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