Emilio González Márquez (PAN)

Emilio González Márquez

González dropped out of the contest for the PAN’s nomination on September 22, 2011.

González Marquéz is currently Governor of Jalisco. He previously served as the mayor of Guadalajara, the head of the PAN in Jalisco, and also in the national legislature. He joined the party in 1992, after leaving the smaller (and now defunct) Mexican Democratic Party (PDM).

González Marquéz has trailed Santiago Creel and Josefina Vázquez Mota in opinion polls, but with around six percent of the intended vote, he has so far remained close to Ernesto Cordero and Alonso Lujambio.

-See his September 22, 2011 decision not to contend for the PAN’s nomination.
-Read a July 31, 2011 interview with González Márquez about his presidential ambitions.
-Follow his Twitter feed.
-See the July 31, 2011 Reforma poll of presidential candidates, in which González Márquez receives six percent of the intended vote.

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