Alonso Lujambio (PAN)

Alonso Lujambio

Lujambio dropped out of the contest for the PAN’s nomination on August 30th, 2011.

Lujambio currently serves as Minister of Education. He has also held a number of prestigious roles, including as a member of the Federal Electoral Institute (IME) and as the president of the Federal Institute for Access to Information (IFAI), in addition to his previous post at ITAM university. In addition to these credentials, he has been involved in a few national media campaigns that have contributed to his increasing rate of public recognition. However, he trailed Creel and Vázquez Mota and alternated with Ernesto Cordero over the past several months for third place. One weakness was his recent affiliation with the PAN having officially joined the party in June 2009.

-View his background and networks on Excélsior’s website.
-See his January 17, 2011 announcement of his intention to seek the PAN nomination.
-Read about his August 30, 2011 withdrawal from the PAN contest.
-Read his remarks at the Mexico Institute from a June 2007 conference on Mexico’s transparency and access to information reforms
-Follow him on Twitter.

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