Marcelo Ebrard (PRD)

Marcelo Ebrard

Ebrard dropped out of the PRD primary when Andrés Manuel López Obrador won the internal party poll on November 16, 2011. 

Ebrard is the popular current mayor of Mexico City. His tenure has seen the expansion of many social and environmental programs, many addressing the quality of life of “chilangos,” or residents in the Federal District, such as adding bike lanes, expanding public transportation, and undertaking infrastructure projects. He has also focused on social issues, including advocating for gay marriage and abortion rights. Ebrad has been recognized internationally for his efforts, and was named Mayor of the Year in 2010. So far in the race, he is not as recognizable as his former mentor, López Obrador. Ultimately, his chances of becoming the PRD’s candidate may depend on how López Obrador proceeds.

-Read the results of the November 2011 poll that favored AMLO, and led Ebrard to drop out of the primary race.
-See his presentation from March 2009 at the Mexico Institute.
-View his networks and mentors on Excélsior’s site.
-Visit his official website.
-Follow his Twitter feed.

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